By Louise de Leyritz from CastorDoc

More data, more tools, more people = more data catalogs

Companies are deploying their analytics to more people in the company. Now, regardless of data literacy, most departments of large companies are using data. For that reason, there's a need to improve trust and understanding in data resources and infrastructure.

This explains the recent explosion in the past five years of data catalogs (internal, open-source, and SaaS). This new trend is not going to stop, and we'd rather bring visibility and structure soon.

At CastorDoc, we believe the first step to structure the data catalog market, is more transparency. For that reason, we put up a list of all the catalog tools we heard of.

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Read the full breakdown by generation and market analysis of data catalogs here



Feature definition

**This is an attempt at classifying the tools on the market. If anything seems wrong, the feature list seems off, or if you don't see your data catalog and want to have it placed, please reach out: [email protected]

Data Catalog Tools Benchmark

More Ressources

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